Project in the world

Young Effect is working for Youth Media project with the support of European Commission. The project will start on 1st October 2011 in cooperation with:

1. Forumul Cetatenesc pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica (Romania

2. Young Effect Association (Italy)

3. United Societies of Balkans (Greece)

4. UNZA Radio (Zambia)

5. Young People We Care (Ghana)

6. Organisation of Afrikan Youth (Cameroon)

The specific objectives are:
– To provide the opportunity of exploring how media can be used in youth
– The acquisition by the participants of creative presentation and communication
– To identifify specific NGO/media relations.
– To increase transnational mobility among young people through direct
involvement in project activities of youth organizations in Africa and Europe.
– To promote active participation of young people by involving them in project
implementation activities.
– To promote cooperation and exchange of best practices in non-formal education

The project’s main activities are:
– creating a network and a partnership between youth organizations in Africa and Europe.
– Organizing workshops for local youth to acquire the skills to organize a media
– Organizing a media campaign by each participant on human rights and the fight against
racism and xenophobiei.
– Organizing a meeting to evaluate the project.
– Organize a training course on organizing a youth media campaign.
– Setting up an online radio station will be porta-voice for the youth involved in the
Places for the project to be run: Ramnicu Valcea (Romania), Thessaloniki
(Greece),Magenta (Italy), Accra (Ghana), Yaounde (Camerun),Lusaka(Zambia).

Expected results of the project:
– Creating a transnational EU-Africa network consisting of six active partners and
30 associate partners which will provide an exchange of best practices and
specific information for youth activities and active participation of young people.
– Conducting local workshops for a total of 300 young people regarding the
initiation and conduct of a media campaign.
– Establishing a training course for 30 young people from Africa and Europe on
initiating a media campaign on a given theme.
– Setting up an online radio station and broadcasting.
– Web page design.

2 pensieri riguardo “Project in the world

    valeria ha detto:
    2 dicembre 2011 alle 14:36

    come si può partecipare ??

      youngeffect ha risposto:
      2 dicembre 2011 alle 14:56

      Ciao questo progetto coinvolgerà localmente in Italia i giovani del territorio magentino e si concluderà con un corso di formazione internazionale a Giugno in Romania con i ragazzi europei e africani. Le riunioni in Africa sono invece incontri di coordinamento per i responsabili del progetto.


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